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Das MAT HOFFMANN Interview - The Condor

Mat auf den BMX Masters

BMX Legende Mat Hoffman - wir trafen ihn für ein kurzes Gesprächauf den BMX MASTERS 2008, wo er als Stargast, TV-Moderator und guter Geist zu Besuch war. Mit im Gepäck hatte er seinen Hoffman Bikes Team Rider und Freund Kevin Robinson...

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Hi Mat it's always a pleasure to see you here in Cologne! You gonna participate in the contest or are you just here as a guest?
Just a guest - I'm recovering from a shoulder-operation right now. I have to be off my bike for this round...

Okay, just one sentence about Kevin Robinson's world record. What are your feelings about it?
Going big! That's what it's about,you know...

Does this challenge you to go big on a quarter-pipe once again?
I don't know. That's what I've always done, so If I can get my body back working, of course! That's how I live – I love the view, you know.

What do you think about Red Bull doing these big – Evel-Knievel-Style – Events with BMX and FMX Action
Oh, I don't know. I mean, it happened before Red Bull. You know, it just didn't happen in such a produced environment. I don't really favour this produced environment. I like it more raw, you know, I like being on my own schedule when I play like that. So, but it's cool, Red Bull wants to support, some people build crazy constructions... that's cool.

Do you have any new ideas for Red Bull Events, what they could do next?
Well, it's not Red Bull doing it, you know, it's the athletes doing it.
I don't give Red Bull the credits for the athletes progression - there is all kinds of ideas out there, the athletes could do to push this further!


Imagine, you would go on a road trip and you could pick any person you like. Whom would you take with you?
I've been able to go on the road with a lot of people.. I saw Taj here (Taj Mihelich) it would be great to go on the road with Taj! Lets see here, what would be a good crew..
Taj, maybe Steve Crandell, Ian MacKaye would be great (laughs..) and just make it up as we go...we do it ourselfes

Where would you go with them?
I don't know, it would just be cool to figure out something that is new and original... and that we have fun doing and put a show together. Who knows, I never thought about that...

How is business going at Hoffmann Bikes? Are you still involved in development of parts and frames ..?
Yeah. 16 years strong.. I've been doing that. I work with Mark Owen, he's kind of my right hand there, you know. He helps take care of the production ...keepin' the company rolling


Can you tell us, what's in the pipe? New products, new developments you're working on at the moment?
We're just workng with the team and give everybody the chance and their improvements on whatever product they can dream of!We have a few like Brad Simms is coming up with a new bike one of his own signature bikes, that we're working on at the moment called the „B-RAD!“ (laughs..) - it changes every season, we come out with something new, something the riders need. It seems like the riding is really progressing beyond its equipment right now. So that's a great opportunity to keep up with their progression...

Beside the riding, what are your current hobbies, your challenges?
I paraglide, I paramotor, I skydive a bit, playing music and I'm a father, you know. I enjoy fatherhood!

Okay, thank's a lot you for the Interview!
Cool, man...